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The Best Sport Romances

Sport romance novels are in high demand. Ranging from baseball to hockey to football, there is a book for every fan.

1. From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

Did somebody say enemies to lovers? This mesmerizing novel tells the story of Jasmine Santos, a young woman whose ice-skating career might come to a close. Unexpectedly, the reigning world champion, Ivan Lukov, skates into Jasmine’s life. Jasmine must decide whether to let her ice-skating career end or team up with Ivan who has been her number one enemy since her early teenage years. From naked photo shoots to family dinners, things begin to heat up off the ice.

2. Puck Shy by Teagan Hunter

Could Collin’s summer get any worse? The star hockey player nearly gets arrested, his contract is almost up, and his car just broke down in the middle of nowhere. Lucky for him, he is almost run over. Used to girls only trying to date him for his status, Harper who has never seen a single hockey game is like a fresh start. After they depart without exchanging any contact information, will they ever see each other again?

3. The Deal by Elle Kennedy

After star hockey player, Garret Graham, fails an exam, his GPA plummets which interferes with his ability to lead his team to victory. Graham needs a tutor ASAP, and Hannah Wells might just be his solution. In return, Graham pretends to date Hannah to get her crush to notice her. Graham slowly begins to realize that he does not want to pretend to date Hannah anymore. As time goes on, will Hannah turn in to more than just his tutor?

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