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What is BookTok?

A new age of technology has emerged through the app TikTok. Tiktok, previously known as musically, is an app where one can post short videos of dances, vlogs, and much more. The app is common among members of Gen Z, some tending to spend hours a day watching videos.

On Tiktok, you can add tags to a video which then causes other videos with that tag to appear on one's feed. The tag #booktok has amounted around 36.8 billion videos. Under the #booktok tag, you can find book reviews, recommendations, and much more. Through Booktok, a new era of reading is flourishing. Many teens and adults who have stumbled along Booktok have now rekindled their love for reading and have a growing TBR (a list of books To Be Read).

Popular Booktokers, like @aymansbooks, are using comedic strategies to promote their favorite books, leading to a surge in reading amongst young and new adults. Authors, like Colleen Hoover, have seen a major increase in sales amongst their novels thanks to Booktok. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover was released in 2016, but has recently been #1 on Amazon and sold out in most book stores since trending on Booktok.

Barnes and Noble has also been accommodating readers on Booktok by creating a Booktok table in almost all of their stores. The most popular books found on Booktok are placed on one table, so it is convenient for readers to get the latest books that are trending.

It is crazy how much of an effect technology has on reading today.

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30. Jan. 2022

Thanks for the nice explanation of BookTok and some practical information related to its effects.

Gefällt mir
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